The Third Brew: Motherly Love

Hello Fellow Tea Sippers!

Since today is Mother’s Day, I decided to dedicate this tea time to all of the hardworking mothers out there today. Today’s brew is over motherly love. So, sit back, relax, and grab a cup of tea with me. 🙂

A woman is a human being that has been overlooked and underrated since the beginning of time. A woman’s stereotype has been to cook, clean, bear children, and raise & nurture those children to be the best that they can be in life. But women are much more than these factors, and they are also much more than just physical appearance. We are beings who have emotions, intelligence, and strength. In the recent decades, women are climbing up the ladder to success. We have women that prove the public wrong by becoming breadwinners, CEO’s, going to college, working in career fields that are dominated by males, also on top of their home lives. Most women are mothers who come home from their job and take on the role of a mother, a wife, and caretakers. Mothers are our backbones, our lifelines, our best friends, our supporters, and our disciplinarians. Overall, we tend to forget to thank out mothers for all the work that they do for us on a daily basis. As offspring, we have developed this mindset that mothers are expected to watch after us and take care of our basic needs and that there is no need for thanks. Through Christ, mothers grant us life and that is something that we should automatically give praises and be thankful for. A mother’s love will forever be unconditional. A mother will forgive you when you’ve wronged her in any way. When mothers age, they become more fragile and precious. They carry wisdom, life lessons, and stories that will be cherished forever. A mother’s love is a love like no other and we should take each May of every year to emphasize all of the things that she has done to let us shine. We should take every Mother’s Day to praise her for everything that she has done in her life and in our lives.


The lovely woman above is my mother, Sherrye Alston. This lady is my rock. You all do not know this, but I am adopted. I was adopted at 16 by her and my father. My mother means everything to me. If anything ever happened to her, I might fall to pieces. She is main one that keeps a level head when I feel overwhelmed, sad, or upset. She praises my victories and is by my side in my loses. She really is an angel from the Heavens. She manages to accomplish six to eight things in one day and still finds some time for her children. She’s the sweetest woman you will ever meet. This photo was taken in Baybrook Mall after we just got our Starbucks drinks. As you can see, she was not in the selfie-taking mood because she was ready to guzzle the drink down to nothing. My mom loves coffee, small animals, and loves to garden. She is so extraordinary. If I sat here and typed every single thing about her, I would be here for a week. You guys will just have to encounter this woman. She’s beautiful in every way.

And that goes for all mothers. You all are beautiful in every way. Thank you for everything that you do.

And that’s the tea.

“Successful mothers are not the ones that have never struggled; they are the ones that never give up, despite the struggles.” — Sharon Jaynes


The Second Brew: Naturally BeYOUtiful

Welcome back Tea Sippers!

I want to spill some tea on a very important topic: embracing your natural beauty. Sit back, relax, and let us take a Tea Break. 😀

I am a firm believer in God and I do feel like He, as our maker, made us in our own image. (Am I shunning the idea of science and genetics? No. You have to have two parents to make and raise a human. I speak ethically.) With the help of highly advanced technology and beauty products, society has given the public this outlet to alter our bodies and hide our flaws so that we look ‘attractive’ and ‘pleasing to the eye’. If doing these things makes you feel comfortable, then please, by all means, do so. I do not want anyone feeling trapped in a body that they do not feel comfortable in. If it brings you happiness, then seeing you happy makes me happy. 🙂 For those out there who are wanting to cover up insecurities and minor flaws, you should not feel obligated to do so. Why ruin a perfect masterpiece? Embracing your natural beauty is something precious. You should not have to feel like you have to put on a full face of makeup everyday because you are afraid to let people see the real you. Social media and magazines strive for similarity and unity when it is nearly impossible. If everyone in the universe all wore size twos, had blonde hair and blue eyes, walked and talked the same, and had the same morals and values, this world would be quite dull with no color or flavor. Color and flavor is something that is needed. Too many people have this idea of “I need to fit in, so let me hide this, dye this, or suck this in so I can be liked”. Think of humans like magnets. If you have two people that are the exact same, in most cases, they are likely to repel. If you have two different people, in most cases, they are likely to attract. Naturally, we are drawn to people that compliment us, or have characteristics that we lack. If people continue this trend of changing their natural beauty and seek similarity, it will be extremely difficult for others to fill those complimentary needs in the future. So, try and let your natural hair type flow in the wind, let those freckles and beauty marks show, and embrace your natural body type. If you’re curvy, love the skin you’re in. If you’re skinny, love the skin you’re in. If you’re African-American, Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern, European and everything in between, love the skin you’re in. If you’re transgender, love the skin that you’re in. We are not all made to be the same person. Uniqueness is what everyone should strive for. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and no one has the authority to pick you apart because of things that you cannot change. There will never be another you on this Earth. Be natural, be beYOUtiful.

And that’s the tea.

The First Brew: An Introduction

Welcome Tea Sippers!

Hello everyone and welcome to Tea Time with Amber! My name is Amber Alston and I am the maker of this blog (obviously…)! Tea Time with Amber started on Snapchat during my first year in college and it started out as a ‘segment’ where I give all of the details (also known as “spilling the tea”) about events – good or bad – that have happened in my life. I also love giving out food for thought and advice in hopes that people will implement into their daily lives, and most importantly, Tea Time is about me sharing my adventures and endeavors with all of you. As I have stated before, this all started on Snapchat and instead of blowing up everyone’s feed and holding people up to watch my obnoxiously long Snapchat story, I decided to take it a step further and create a blog! I started a blog many years ago, but I never seemed to maintain it very well. Since Tea Time is something that I am passionate about, maybe I will do a better job at keeping this blog going and in good condition. Lastly, I just want to take the time to say that with all blogs, I am open to positive feedback and constructive criticism from all, so please feel free to leave me comments and send emails! It is much appreciated. I want you all to walk with me on this path of life and every now and then, stop for a Tea Break! Well, enough talking! 🙂 Let’s get to it. Without further explanation, here is Tea Time with Amber!